Sewage Damage

Exposure to biohazards like sewage and flood water can result in serious health consequences. Only certified professionals should handle the cleanup process. At Tucson Water Damage Restoration, we have an elite team of IICRC certified specialists standing by to help you through all of your sewage and biohazard emergencies. Our prompt response and expertise can not only help you save your property, but your health and wellbeing!

Contact us at any time at (520) 339-6822. Our Tucson sewage damage restoration experts are standing by to help you through this disaster.

Our comprehensive sewage damage cleanup services include:
• Sewage removal
• Water extraction
• Structural drying
• Dehumidification
• Complete sanitization
• Mold remediation
• Debris removal
• Damage assessments
• Insurance billing
• 24/7 emergency service

IICRC Certified Sewage and Flood Damage Cleanup Experts
Whether you experienced a toilet overflow, a sewage backup, or severe flooding from extreme weather, the experts at Tucson Water Damage Restoration are here to help. All of our team members are IICRC certified and carry specializations such as Health & Safety, Applied Microbial Remediation, Water Damage Restoration, and Applied Structural Drying. We work quickly and efficiently to get sewage and flood waters removed and all affected areas sanitized so your life can return to normal.

Flood Water and Sewage Extraction
The flood water and sewage extraction process must be done carefully to make sure that no other areas are contaminated. Since many pathogens can be transferred through the air, it is important that the sewage and water be contained at all times. Our professionals carry out the extraction process safely by using specialized pumps. The pumps carry all waste to containment units, which are then emptied according to Arizona State disposal regulations.

Sewage Damage Sanitization and Odor Removal
There are thousands of types of bacteria, mold, fungi, chemicals, and pathogens which can be found in sewage. It is important that these are destroyed to ensure your home or business remains a healthy, safe environment. Our team members are certified in anti-microbial and sanitization methods. Using professional-grade biocides and cleaning agents, we destroy all hazards and get your property clean and odor-free.

Debris Removal
When porous materials are affected by sewage, such as carpet padding and drywall, they will need to be removed. Our elite team at Tucson Water Damage restoration will handle the entire demolition and debris removal process. All affected materials are bagged so they can be disposed of without risking contamination to other areas of your home or business.

Drying and Dehumidification
Making sure all surfaces are dried and moisture levels are under control is an important part of the sewage damage cleanup process. Otherwise, mold growth will almost inevitably begin to grow, which can lead to further problems and damages. We use professional-grade air movers and dehumidification systems to speed up the drying process. Tools like infrared moisture cameras and moisture detectors allow us to locate all moist areas to ensure they dried.

Our Equipment
We at Tucson Water Damage restoration have invested in technology to get your home or business restored faster and more efficiently. Some of our sewage damage restoration equipment includes:

• Submersible, truck-mounted, gas-powered and portable pumps for removing sewage into containment units
• Infrared moisture detector cameras, hygrometers, and other meters for checking moisture saturation levels and locating wet areas
• Biocides and disinfectants for killing mold, fungi, bacteria, and other biohazards
• Deodorizers for controlling odors which may result from water damage
• Sanitization products for cleaning sewage-contaminated items
• Sealants for sealing over sewage-contaminated flooring
• Professional drying equipment including air movers and dehumidification systems
• Demolition tools and trucks for debris removal

Get Sewage Damage Help Now
The sooner you call for sewage damage restoration services, the sooner your life can get back to normal. Our elite team of Tucson sewage cleanup experts is standing by to help with all of your sewage and flood water disasters. Call us at any time to talk to a friendly agent and have a team of certified experts immediately dispatched to your address. (520) 339-6822