Sewage Backup

Have you experienced a sewage backup? In most cases, this is due to a clog in the sewage main such as from tree root growth. The most important thing you need to know about sewage backups is to waste no time in getting help! By calling for professional help immediately, you can save yourself thousands in property damages and prevent secondary problems from moisture and mold growth.

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What Causes Sewage Backups?
There are four main causes of a sewage backup. The first is a clog within your sewage line. This happens when items, such as wads of sanitary products, get caught in the plumbing waste lines. When this happens, then the problem will usually only occur with one fixture – such as your toilet overflowing due to a clog in the exit pipe.

Sewage backups are also often caused by clogs in the sewer main, often because tree roots have invaded the sewer main. Since no waste will be able to exit the plumbing system, you will likely experience problems with all of your fixtures, such as sewage overflowing from toilets, bathtub drains, and sinks. However, the problem is usually most evident in low-level drains, such as toilets and basement drains. The third common cause of sewage backups is a collapsed or broken sewer main. If this is the case, you will likely have sewage flooding into your basement and possibly into your yard as well.

Finally, sewage backups can be caused by flooding from excessive rain water. The city’s drainage system can’t handle all of the water and it causes the water – along with sewage and debris – to back up into your home. This isn’t very common in Tucson because of our dry weather, but it does still happen.

To avoid sewage backups, you should have your sewer system regularly checked by a plumber and make any repairs or replacements. Also, you should avoid using your drains as trash cans, such as not putting waste products into toilets and using your garbage disposal wisely.

Sewage Backups Are a Biohazard
Sewage, including flood water, is a biohazard and you must take caution. The raw sewage and flood water may contain any number of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and chemicals (such as from runoff and fertilizers). Remember that the hazards aren’t just found within the sewage. Many of these biohazards can become airborne. Thus, it is important to wear a respirator when entering a sewage-affected area, as well as other protective gear such as boots, waterproof coveralls, goggles, and gloves. All of these protective items will need to be disposed of or sanitized after coming in contact with sewage as the biohazards could be spread to other areas.

First Steps After a Sewage Backup
When you experience a sewage backup, the first thing you will need to do is ensure your safety. If flooding is present, then turn off the gas and electricity. If you are unable to do this safely because the basement is flooded, then call the utility companies to turn off the gas and electricity for you.

Avoid going into the sewage-affected area at all. You risk tracking biohazards into other areas of your home or business. If you must go into the area, then wear protective gear including a face mask.

For small cases of sewage damage, it may be possible to clean up the damage yourself. However, most homeowners do not have the proper equipment to clean up sewage backups safely. Further, they lack the equipment to get surfaces dry quickly enough so mold growth does not occur. Because of this, it is best to immediately call for professional sewage backup cleanup services.

Call Tucson Water Damage Restoration for Immediate Help
Our elite team of IICRC sewage damage cleanup experts is standing by 24/7 to help you through all your sewage backup emergencies. Whether the problem is from a toilet overflow or excessive flooding, we are capable of handling the disaster quickly and efficiently. Our equipment includes technology like pump extractors, professional drying and dehumidification systems, and anti-microbial agents. You can count on us to get your home completely clean, dry, and sanitized.

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