Hard Floor Damage

Don’t let water damage ruin your hard flooring! Call the experts at Tucson Water Damage Restoration to safely remove water and moisture from your hard floor before serious problems like warping, buckling, and mold growth occur.

Whether the water damage is from a slow leak or severe flooding, we are standing by to help. Call us at (520) 254-4660 for fast, reliable services from IICRC certified experts.

Our Comprehensive Hardwood Floor Water Damage Services Include:

• Hardwood flooring, stone flooring, tile flooring, concrete flooring, and other hard floors
• Water extraction
• Injection-drying systems
• Dehumidification
• Mold remediation
• Complete sanitization
• Damage assessments
• Insurance billing
• 24/7 emergency services

IICRC Certified Water Damage and Hard Flooring Experts
We are an elite team of water damage and disaster mitigation experts serving the Tucson, Arizona area. All of our team members carry certifications from the IICRC, which is the leading nonprofit group that sets the standards for water damage cleanup. When you call Tucson Water Damage Restoration, you can rest assured that you are getting true experts who are highly trained in specialties like Applied Microbial Remediation, Structural Drying, Hard Floor Surface Care, Mold Mitigation, and Health & Safety.

How Water Affects Hard Flooring
Hard flooring absorbs water more slowly than soft surfaces like plywood or carpet. However, this also means it releases moisture more slowly, making it very difficult to dry. There are three main problems that occur when hard flooring gets wet: 1) mold growth and 2) warping and 3) staining.

Mold growth is a serious risk in all cases of water damage. If moisture levels get above 16%, mold growth can begin in as little as 24 hours. The mold growth releases spores into the air which can cause health problems. As the moisture levels will likely increase throughout your entire home due to water evaporation, the mold can then begin to grow on other surfaces, such as walls or furniture, even if those surfaces were not originally affected by the water damage. Once mold growth occurs, it requires extensive services to remedy.

With some types of hard flooring, such as concrete, warping is not a threat. However, many types of hard flooring, especially wood, are very sensitive to moisture and can quickly warp. The harder the type of wood, the slower it will react to moisture. A softer wood like oak may begin to cup or buckle in days, whereas a harder wood like maple may not warp for weeks. Even if the surface of the flooring appears dry, the subflooring may still be wet. The subfloor will then swell, which can cause problems to the flooring above it. It may be weeks or even months before cupping from the wet subfloor becomes evident.

If your hard floor is damaged from gray or black water, then staining may be almost inevitable. Even clean water can cause staining though. To reduce the risk of permanent discoloration, contact us immediately for professional help.

Hardwood Floor Drying
Because water becomes trapped in between the grains of hardwood floors, traditional methods of drying, such as air movers, are essentially ineffective on hardwood. To get hardwood floors dried before they experience severe damage, we use the latest injection-drying systems. Special mats are placed on the wet hardwood floor. These mats have tubes on them which blast air into the wood and force moisture out. The moisture is then suctioned out through the tubing. The entire system is very effective and allows us to save almost all hardwood floors from water damage when we are called in within 24-48 hours of initial damage.

Our Equipment
We at Tucson Water Damage restoration have invested in technology to get your home or business restored faster and more efficiently. Some of this equipment includes:

Water Removal Equipment
• Infrared moisture detector cameras, hygrometers, and other meters for checking moisture saturation levels and locating wet areas
• Submersible, truck-mounted, gas-powered, and portable pumps for removing standing water
• Wet vacuums for suctioning water from within surfaces

Drying Equipment
• Professional-grade air movers for evaporating water from surfaces
• Dehumidifiers for keeping air moisture levels safe
• Injection-dry systems for drying hardwood floors

Mold Removal and Sanitization Equipment
• Biocides and disinfectants for killing mold, fungi, bacteria, and other biohazards
• Deodorizers for controlling odors which may result from water damage
• Sanitization products for cleaning sewage-contaminated items
• Sealants for sealing over sewage-contaminated flooring

Get Expert Help Now
If your hard floor has gotten saturated from leaks or flooding, contact us immediately. The longer you wait to call for professional water extraction and drying services, the greater the damages will be and the harder the cleanup process becomes. We offer expert services from IICRC certified specialists, great customer service, and affordable rates. Call us today so we can help save your hard flooring! (520) 254-4660