Floor Damage Cleanup

Have you experienced leaking or flooding on your floors? Long after you’ve mopped up the water, moisture can still remain trapped in your flooring and subflooring. This can lead to mold growth, staining, and, over the long term, severe structural damage. Let our team at Tucson Water Damage Restoration save your floors with fast, reliable services from IICRC certified experts. Call us at (520) 254-4660 to speak to a friendly representative.

Our comprehensive floor water damage cleanup services include:
• Water extraction
• Structural drying
• Subfloor drying
• Dehumidification
• Injection-drying systems
• Complete sanitization
• Mold remediation
• Debris removal
• Damage assessments
• Insurance billing
• 24/7 emergency service

Concrete Floor Drying
Concrete floors don’t absorb water very well but, once they do, the water is very difficult to get out. Our professional-grade wet vacs can remove excess water from concrete floors. Then air movers are set up to evaporate water from the floor, which is then captured with our dehumidification systems.

Carpet and Carpet Padding Drying
Carpets which have been saturated with black water must be removed and disposed of. Likewise, carpet padding saturated with gray or black water will need to be thrown away. If the carpet and padding are wet from clean water sources, then they can usually be saved if they haven’t been wet for more than 48 hours. Note that, in many situations, it makes more sense to throw away wet carpet padding than wait for it to dry and risk mold growth. Our professionals will explain your options to you so you can make the best decision. Remember that you should limit foot traffic over wet carpets as moisture weakens the carpet backing!

Subfloor Drying
Even if the surface of your floors appear dry, the subfloor may still be saturated and at dangerously-high moisture levels. It is important to get the subfloor dry quickly before severe damage occurs. Technology like infrared cameras and moisture detectors can help our experts tell exactly how wet your subfloor is so they can make a comprehensive drying plan.

If a subfloor isn’t dried, numerous major problems can occur. The first problem is mold growth, which can cause staining and structural damage (even rotting away your floor beams if not treated). Secondly, a wet wooden subfloor will swell and change shape. This will affect the flooring on top of it. It may take months before the damage is evident, but you can experience problems like cupping and buckling. The process for drying subfloors varies depending on factors like the flooring above them (subfloor drying under tile is particularly challenging), whether there is access to the subfloor from underneath, and moisture levels.

Linoleum Floor Drying
Since linoleum is “waterproof,” many homeowners mistakenly think that their linoleum floors won’t be affected by water damage. This is not the case as the water and moisture can quickly cause damage to linoleum. For starters, water will cause staining to the linoleum. The moisture can cause the glue on the linoleum to come off so the flooring bubbles in places. The biggest problem with linoleum floor damage is that linoleum cannot “breathe” to let water-damaged subflooring dry out. Because of these issues, it is usually best to remove linoleum immediately after the water damage occurs so the linoleum and subfloor can dry with the help of air movers and dehumidifiers. The linoleum can then later be laid back down.

Wood Floor Drying
Wood floors are one of the hardest surfaces to dry because they quickly react to water and moisture. Even low levels of moisture can cause the wood to swell and warp, causing it to buckle. Water on hardwood floors also quickly causes staining. If you contact us at Tucson Water Damage Restoration within the first 24 hours after the wood floor has become wet, we can usually save your floor using the latest injection-drying methods. The chance of a 100% restoration decreases with each hour that you wait. Unfortunately, laminate flooring usually cannot be saved.

Get Expert Help Now
The longer you wait to call for professional help with your water-damaged floor, the more severe the damage will become and the longer the restoration process will be. Call us immediately at (520) 254-4660 for fast, reliable services from Tucson’s leading water damage experts. We are here to help with all of your flooring disasters!