Commercial Services

There is never a good time for your business to get affected by water damage. For every moment you spend cleaning up the water and drying surfaces, you are losing revenue, decreasing productivity, and harming your reputation and business relations. To get water damage cleaned up fast and efficiently, call in the pros at Tucson Water Damage Restoration. We specialize in commercial water damage restoration and cleanup so you can get your business back on track.

Our commercial water damage services include:
• Water extraction
• Drying and dehumidification
• Sewage remediation
• Disaster mitigation
• Mold cleanup
• Complete sanitization
• Deodorization
• Flood repair
• Electronics restoration
• Debris removal
• Damage assessments
• Insurance coordination and billing
• 24/7 emergency services

IICRC Certified Commercial Water Damage Experts
Commercial water damage frequently involves many factors which aren’t found in residential situations, such as energized machinery, valuable equipment, and hazardous substances. Further, the stakes are often much higher with commercial water damage as even an hour of downtime can mean critical damage to your business operations. We at Tucson Water Damage Restoration are aware of these factors and are prepared to handle them, no matter how big or small the disaster may be.

All of our technicians are IICRC certified for Water Damage. They undergo exhaustive training to obtain further specialties, including Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS). These are some of the most elite water damage experts in Arizona and you can count on them to quickly and accurately assess the damage and come up with a comprehensive solution for getting the disaster under control.

Our experts are prepared to help with:
• Inspection and evaluation
• Disaster mitigation plans
• Commercial drying
• Industrial drying
• Institutional drying
• Equipment and electronics restoration
• Complex residential water-damaged structures

Rapid Response, 24/7
When your business experiences water damage, there is no time to lose. We are standing by 24/7 with a team of certified water damage experts who can be at your Tucson business within 30 minutes of your call. Once on site, the team will make a full assessment of damages. If needed, we can then call in additional specialists so the job can be completed as quickly as possible. These first moments after flooding are especially critical and can mean the difference between a fast cleanup and extensive damages.

To ensure the water damage cleanup process happens quickly and efficiently, we have a full fleet of trucks which are equipped with tools like moisture detectors, biocides, pumps, and wet vacs. We have hundreds of air movers and dozens of commercial dehumidification units which can be brought in, allowing us to efficiently handle even the worst cases of flooding.

Our Equipment
We at Tucson Water Damage restoration have invested in technology to get your business restored faster and more efficiently. Some of this equipment includes:

Commercial Water Removal Equipment
• Infrared moisture detector cameras, hygrometers, and other meters for checking moisture saturation levels and locating wet areas
• Submersible, truck-mounted, gas-powered, and portable pumps for removing standing water
• Wet vacuums for suctioning water from within surfaces

Commercial Drying Equipment
• Professional-grade air movers for evaporating water from surfaces
• Dehumidifiers for keeping air moisture levels safe
• Injection-dry systems for drying hardwood floors

Mold Removal and Sanitization Equipment
• Biocides and disinfectants for killing mold, fungi, bacteria, and other biohazards
• Deodorizers for controlling odors which may result from water damage
• Sanitization products for cleaning sewage-contaminated items
• Sealants for sealing over sewage-contaminated flooring

Call Us Now to Get the Cleanup Process Started
The longer you wait to call professional help, the greater the damages will be and the longer the cleanup process will take. No matter how big or small your commercial water damage crisis is, you can count on the experts at Tucson Water Damage Restoration to get the job done quickly and completely. We are standing by 24/7 to help. Contact us anytime at (520) 254-4660 for immediate service.